Dr. John Hubbard and Dr. Kelly Chotowetz

Use of Technology

Use of Technology

The doctors at Summit Dental are committed to meeting the needs of their patients. In order to meet this goal the doctors continue to invest in technology both to meet the patients' dental needs and comfort.


Each dental operatory is equipped with a fully-integrated television system. Patients are able to see digital images of their teeth in a magnified format as well as have a close up view of their x-rays while the doctor explains their treatment needs. Informative patient education videos can also be viewed on these over-chair screens. Another plus is patients are able to enjoy their favorite TV program while having their dental treatment performed.

Intraoral Camera

Nothing makes it easier to understand your oral health than seeing it larger than life on a TV screen. The doctors and staff use a small handheld camera wand to capture images of the patient's teeth and then display the photos on the TV monitor. At Summit Dental intraoral camera images are utilized to aid in diagnosis and record visual findings as well as to obtain an image to send to a benefit provider to illustrate treatment requirements.

Digital Photography

Digital photography is used as a treatment planning tool so that the doctor has an excellent visual record of the patient's mouth. The photographs can be used for many purposes, as a progressive record of a patient's treatment or as a tool for the doctor to better establish the patient's treatment needs or to be sent to a dental specialist in order to better communicate on treatment requirements.

Digital X-Rays

Summit Dental now uses digital radiography to take patient's dental x-rays. Digital radiography uses significantly less radiation to produce excellent images. The images can easily be viewed on the TV monitors in the operatories or on the computers in the doctors' office. The software used to view the images allows the doctors to zoom in on areas of concern, better for diagnosing and explaining concerns to patients. The use of digital x-rays allows the dental office to electronically transmit the images to a specialist's office for further diagnosis and treatment or a dental benefit provider to determine dental benefits under a patient's policy.

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